Coffee matters

The Deconstructed Latte

Perfect hand-steamed creamy milk and a double shot of flavourful rich Arabica and Robusta blended Coffee beans make up our lattes here at Gourmet.

Our baristas are trained internally and by Union Hand Roasted Coffee, in order to achieve the perfect cup and the friendly service that you’re used to.

We are always trying new recipes to keep things interesting for our customers so ladies and gentlemen, I present – the Deconstructed Latte.

A trend which began in Seattle, Deconstructed Latte’s are a nice twist on the regular latter.

In short, all of the individual components of a latte are separated – it looks great in a glass and offers a different taste experience.  

How to Make it and Drink it

   the first part of the DL is a shot of the coffee being used. In our case that would be a shot of Union’s Revelation Blend coffee.

   the second part calls for a small glass of cold milk, so the experience shows the sweetness of steamed milk compared to it’s ‘uncooked’ original flavour.

and lastly, a regular Latte. as we make them: a double shot of the revelation blend coffee with steamed Milk poured over the top (usually with a pretty pattern!)

Next time you get a chance to sit down and try one, ask for it –  it’s probably not advisable on the busy commute!espresso