Coffee matters

The Aeropress

aero press from union

It’s no secret, some people really like coffee.

The coffee business is booming, and for those passionate about their coffee fix, they will go to extraordinary lengths to get the perfect cup.

New products are rolled out every month that aim to improve the coffee experience at home.

You can buy a handheld espresso maker that fits in your purse, or buy a one cup countertop espresso maker that also steams milk.

This seemingly unstoppable demand is why Alan Adler, the inventor of the frisbee, has spent the last two years working on his new product, the Aeropress.

The Aeropress boasts that it can make you a rich, grit-free Coffee in less than 30 seconds with less than 1/5th of the acidity of a drip-brewed coffee. For those of us who aren’t technical it also has a fairly simple design and is very space efficient! The looks good, taste great, what’s not to like.

Of course it’s no match for your favourite Gourmet brew 😉