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Frank Greens Cafe Pay

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Working in a busy environment like a coffee bar on a train station, we get used to making top notch drinks quickly. Frank Green has just made your morning brew even more efficient!

We are always honing our skills and developing new ones like the ability to make two Lattes, an Americano and a cup of Tea all on separate orders while charging each person for their bill.

We work hard to get to know our regular customers.

If we know a customer’s regular order we can often get their drink on the go before they’ve even got to the front of the queue.

We believe great service goes hand in hand with great coffee, it’s all part of the Gourmet experience and it all contributes to our customers having an enjoyable journey.

Because of this we are always trying to think of new ways to help serve quality coffee in a good time.

At the trade exhibition, Cup North, in November of 2015 our colleague Stacey discovered a revolution in Frank Greens Cafe Pay!

Frank Green is a company that provides what some people know as ‘Keep Cups’, beautiful cups to hold the delicious nectar that is Coffee on your commute, if you ever do take one to your local coffee bar they will be the envy of your barista!

Recently Frank Green has rolled out a new product; a Keep Cup with an extra feature.

It has the ability to remember your order AND pay for it for you, all you do is take it up to the counter and hand it over, your trusted Barista will do the rest.