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Amsterdam  coffee tour of Amsterdam!

Recently my friend and I, who’s also a barista, decided to visit the old continent and check out how they brew. As a first stop we’ve picked Amsterdam, we’ve managed to visit few amazing cafes (not coffee shops).

It was really hard to pick our favourite one so let me tell you a little bit about few of them.

Let’s start with the first place we went to, White Label Coffee is a cafe/record store/ roastery.

Beautiful Spirit, traditional espresso machine, made by Dutch espresso machine manufacturer Kees Van Der Westen.

We had two drip filters of Ethiopian and Colombian roasted in house, the warm atmosphere of the place makes it a great spot on a rainy day, highly recommended.

Second place we went to was another local roaster/cafe – Lot Sixty One.

This is a place run by two Aussies who decided to introduce Amsterdam to great Australian coffee over 3 years ago.

We ordered two ”flatties”  (flat whites) made with the house blend, roasted just by the bar.

Apart from the incredible design and great espresso, Lot Sixty One offers cold brew on tap, and a batch brew ready for all the black coffee lovers.

Our last stop was  KOKO Coffee and Design, a vintage clothes store with a 3 group La Marzocco Linea, and an amazing brew bar.

I went for a coffee from Burundi made on dripp and my friend had a flat white, and both of them were worth dying for, again, if you’re in Amsterdam you should definitely look this place up.



Berlin – coffee tour of Berlin!

After spending few amazing days in Amsterdam, my friend and I, decided to visit Berlin.

This time, we had a coffee loving tour guide, who kindly offered to show us around.

Our first stop was a cafe called ”Happy Baristas”, very minimalistic interior was complemented by a beautiful mural painted by a local artist. We ordered two flat whites and a espresso brewed on a beautiful Black Eagle, I also had a guest filter on dripp straight from a Czech roasters Double Shot.

Great quality coffee and amazing, ”happy”, atmosphere, you can’t ask for more on a cold, windy Berlin morning.

Second place on our map was ”Bonanza” where we had a pleasure to take part in a cupping(coffee tasting) session. We’ve tried five different coffees, two naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia, two washed coffees from Honduras, and one from Nicaragua.

I could write a book on how great it, was, and how much I would like to thank local baristas for letting us to join them but instead I’ll say one thing, if you’ll get invited for one of those sessions, go, don’t think about it, just go, it’s an experience that will change the way you look at your everyday brew.

The last place we had a chance to visit was probably the most popular cafe/roaster from the German capital, ”The Barn”, typical for 3rd wave cafes industrial design, complemented by a roaster in the back of the shop, was one by not the only thing that made me fall in love with this cafe.

For the last brew on our journey we’ve picked an amazing dripp made of  Finca Tamana, one of the most popular coffees from Colombia.

I don’t think we could pick anything better to celebrate a great week full of coffee, coffee, and more coffee.