Coffee matters

Coffee in Amsterdam cafe

European Coffee Scene

Amsterdam – coffee tour of Amsterdam! Recently my friend and I, who’s also a barista, decided to visit the old continent and check out how they brew. As a first stop we’ve picked Amsterdam, we’ve managed to visit few amazing cafes (not coffee shops). It was really hard to pick our favourite one so let me […]

aero press from union

The Aeropress

It’s no secret, some people really like coffee. The coffee business is booming, and for those passionate about their coffee fix, they will go to extraordinary lengths to get the perfect cup. New products are rolled out every month that aim to improve the coffee experience at home. You can buy a handheld espresso maker […]

The Deconstructed Latte

Perfect hand-steamed creamy milk and a double shot of flavourful rich Arabica and Robusta blended Coffee beans make up our lattes here at Gourmet. Our baristas are trained internally and by Union Hand Roasted Coffee, in order to achieve the perfect cup and the friendly service that you’re used to. We are always trying new […]